New Digital Era
I should write something about the market happening...
I have to build this website's music player, but it involves writing javascript and I can't think of a more cancerous programming language. Maybe Rust is on par.
The good thing about political extremists, whether left or right, is that if they ever reach their dream state, it always collapses soon after because extremes go against human social nature.
I like this video a lot. Well, the whole channel is really good. Nice pixel arts and beautiful, calm music. I wish I was good at arts so I could do pixel art too!
It's sometimes so hard for me to express thoughts with words. Some thoughts are so abstract and diffuse that not even actively thinking about them I can get a clear view.
North America is an exporter of toxic culture around the world. Endless amount of shit comes from there, from postmodernism to extreme polarization.
I've been trying to get my contacts to move over to Telegram from Whatsapp, which has a terrible privacy model. So far, most say than they don't care about their information or about what others know about them. I don't understand how someone can think that, given the implications of it.
More people want internet decentralization now after twitter, facebook, tiktok, instagram and others banning trump from their sites. Finally the common man is waking up to the reality. Internet centralization is a big mistake.