New Digital Era
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Preparing the environment


> At least Windows 7 SP1 or higher.

Go to the Visual Studio download page and download Visual Studio.
Note: there are 2 Visual Studios. There is "Visual Studio Community" and "Visual Studio". We're gonna be using Visual Studio Community. The link above will take you to the correct download page. I know the way they are named them is confusing, but don't blame me, blame Micro$oft. When I use Visual Studio I will always refer to Visual Studio Community 2019, which is what we'll be using.

The file is an installer for an installer. --- Yes, I know. Once Visual Studio Installer is waiting for you to select which workloads to install, select .NET (the C# envoronment) and C++ development, as in the image. There is a menu to select different languages, but as this guide is in english, you should probably just use it in english. It's the most important language in the tech world, anyways, and if english is not your native language, it will serve you to learn it and specially, the computer jargon.

Complete the installation process and, when finished, open Visual Studio. It will probably ask you if you want to log in and stuff, you can click No and go on. When you have to choose a color scheme, pick the Dark scheme, seriously. The others hurt the eyes.
This completes the environment setup. Congratulations on this small but first step to the world of programming!

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